Gas Monitors

CMA now has rental agreements with over 100 customers, supplying over 180 monitors in Australia.

We provide a full service with every monitor sold or rented. We always recommend that monitoring equipment is rented from a company that specialise in gas equipment. Monitors have a limited life and need to be maintained regularly. If the monitor is not serviced as per manufacturer’s specifications, its life could be reduced to as little as 2 to 3 years; in fact, we find a failure rate of over 2%. Recently we were asked to service 47 monitors that were purchased from a company that sell equipment with no ongoing service program and found 8 monitors had failed, 6 were the incorrect monitor for the situation and most had issues with the installation. At CMA, we provide a complete program which includes:

  1. Audit & Assessment
  2. The monitor & Installation
  3. Three year rental and service agreement
  4. Six monthly calibration
  5. Maintenance and repair
  6. Replacement if the unit fails
  7. Staff training & Safety signage
  8. 24 hour, 7 day telephone support
  9. 24 hour, 7 day service support
  10. Services records are maintained for 2 years

If your venue owns its monitor and you are not sure if it has been installed or is being maintained correctly or if you haven’t had a monitor installed yet, give CMA a call and we will give you an independent opinion and a quotation, so you can be assured that your venue is meeting the monitoring requirements stipulated under AS5034-2005 (R2016).

Monitors are a Mandatory Requirement.


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